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Since 1937, Camp Greentop has been giving campers, regardless of their abilities, friendship, adventures and just plain fun that summer camp brings. Located in the Catoctin National Park, near Thurmont, Maryland, youth and adults with disabilities spend a week canoeing, fishing, swimming and horseback riding and singing songs next to a campfire under the stars.

The League’s year round Camping & Therapeutic Recreation program provides joyful, life-changing experiences in a safe environment and builds meaningful relationships in the lives of youth and adults with disabilities. Camping & Therapeutic Recreation is proud to offer the following services throughout the year:

Summer Programs:

The League at Camp Greentop provides an array of summer camping programs available for individuals ages 7 and up with a broad spectrum of ability levels. These include:

  • Traditional Camp: Our traditional camp is an overnight summer camp program for youth and adults with disabilities. Located in the Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, Maryland, campers enjoy activities such as swimming, horseback riding, arts & crafts, sports & games and other social activities. Youth sessions (ages 7-21) and All-Ages sessions (ages 7 and up) provide a structured schedule, while Adult sessions (ages 18 and up) offers a more relaxed atmosphere with day trips in addition to all on-site programming.
  • Day Camp: Day camp provides youth ages 7-21 a structured daily schedule full of activity. Day camp runs from 8:30am-5:30 pm, and allows the comfort of sleeping at home.
  • League Pioneers: Our primitive camp program, League Pioneers is located 1/2 mile from Camp Greentop at Walnut Springs. Campers sleep in tents, explore the outdoors, and even assist with cooking meals over a fire.
  • Travel Camp: Travel camp provides an opportunity for adult campers ages 18 and up to travel to local points of interest during the summer. Travel campers spend their nights in hotels and their days sightseeing and discovering the area.

Year-Round Programs:

Camping & Therapeutic Recreation is pleased to provide a continuum of services by offering various year-round programs throughout the winter months. These include:

  • Weekend Respite: With various weekends spanning the winter months, the structured days are full of activities revolving around the given theme. Each weekend runs from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and includes an array of activities.
  • Winter Camp: Our week-long winter camp program runs from December 28-January 2 and includes a structured schedule, as well as a New Year’s Eve party and a surprise trip!
  • Assisted Travel: Participants travel with us to locations such as Las Vegas, Disney World, Myrtle Beach, various cruises and other tourist destinations. Participants travel by land or air to a wide range of locations around the United States. With the support of travel staff, participants stay in hotels, dine in restaurants and see all that their travel destination has to offer.
  • Sailing: No previous experience required! Meet us at the Downtown Sailing Center and learn to sail with us! Learn basics of sailing and master these techniques by sailing around Baltimore’s Harbor!

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