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Adult Medical Day

Since 1927, The League has helped individuals achieve their community re-entry goals.

The League’s Adult Medical Day Program is designed specifically to address the Mental, Cognitive and Physical challenges of adults with a variety of disabilities. Our program recognizes that recovery from the effects of a brain injury, a neurological disease or other disabling impairments such as stroke is often slow. We know how important it is to learn life-long coping skills, in order for individuals with disabilities to continue to live within their communities. The program serves clients ages 18 and up who are living with traumatic brain injury, neurological impairment or disabilities resulting from stroke, mental health, congenital impairment, seizure disorders or other medical conditions. Individuals enrolled in the Adult Medical Day Program are assessed and given an individual plan of care. Within a supervised and structured environment, individuals are offered a wide array of therapeutic and recreational activities that increase mental acuity and physical ability. These activities stimulate interest in life, nurture friendships and provide opportunities for creativity.

Services Provided


  • Interdisciplinary team assessment and individualized plan of care

  • Supervised and structured environment

  • Breakfast,  lunch, and snacks served daily

  • Respite for care providers

  • Access to Wellness Center & therapeutic pool

  • Socialization


  • Medication administration and education

  • Skilled nursing care by full-time registered nurses

  • Trained attendant care

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy


  • Individualized plan of care based on participant goals and multidisciplinary team assessment

  • On site Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy through a contracted licensed provider.

  • Individual, family, and group counseling provided by contracted licensed mental health professionals.

  • Structured therapeutic and recreational activities provided by Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

  • Aquatic Therapy Program

  • Range of Motion Program

  • Daily programs and classes

  • Supervised individual exercise through movement management classes and aquatic therapy

  • Community integration trips


Case Management services

  • Daily cognitive retraining


FAQ’s Medical Day Program

1. What are the hours of operation of the program?

We are open Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Upon arrival, participants receive breakfast and programming occurs from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

2. How does the Center meet the needs of people at different cognitive levels?

We have a diverse activity program that focuses on mental and physical stimulation and the strengths and interests of all participants. In every cycle, over 22 classes and activities are offered. Each participant‘s schedule is based on his/her interests and plan of care.

3. Do you provide transportation for participants?

As a licensed medical day program, we either directly provide transportation or assist with Mobility services to and from The League at no cost to our participants.

4. Are the staff trained or certified to work with participants?

There is a multidisciplinary team that provides high quality services for participants. This team includes full time registered nurses, an activities coordinator, nursing assistants, a licensed clinical social worker, a case manager and licensed dietitian.

5. Do I have an opportunity for input into my services?

Yes, you are the key member of the interdisciplinary team that meets every six months to determine the services to be provided. Other members of the team are staff, your family members or any other person of your choosing.

6. Is the program certified for Medical Assistance or VA benefits?

We accept medical assistance, veteran’s benefits, private pay or any other form of insurance that pays for medical day services. The program is certified by the Maryland State Department Of Health and Mental Hygiene to provide Adult Medical Day services to participants eligible under multiple Maryland State Waiver Programs.

To enroll in Adult Medical Day


Renee Rath

410.323.0500 x365