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Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2016


Dear Friends of The League,

The League for People with Disabilities is proud to share with you, our major stakeholders, friends and supporters all our accomplishments over the past year.

We have made great strides addressing a strategic goal to meet the needs of underserved populations of individuals with disabilities, including veterans and seniors. In 2014 we merged with the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) to expand the services available to individuals with aphasia in Maryland. Veterans Administration funding is now accepted for Adult Medical Day and SCALE services. We continue to collaborate with our community and partners to break down barriers and build bridges to success. Our pilot program, Project FIT entered its second year in 2016, and has assisted 30 youth with disabilities make the transition from high school to the world of gainful employment.

With the generous support from Mile One Automotive and Wheels for Change we were able to diversify and expand our social enterprise, League Industries, to grow our courier service product line. With sprawling changes to the print/mail industry, diversification has been advantageous.  Over the past year League Industries was able to contribute $440,000 to The League’s bottom line. This net revenue from our social enterprise provides financial assistance to individuals without access to funding who could not otherwise afford the cost of services. 

Also in 2016 we were able to continue into a second full year of CLUB1111 – Maryland’s only nightclub/danceclub/social club for people with disabilities. We are incredibly impressed, grateful and appreciative of the tremendous outpouring of support from many donors, volunteers and colleagues from the disability community, who have made this event a successful venture which serves over 500 individuals from across the state on the second Saturday of every month.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank, applaud and offer praise to our direct support professionals who are the backbone of The League and carry out our mission each and every day. Our organization is fortunate to have an amazing committed staff of caring professionals who carry out their jobs with such integrity and devotion. I am humbled to work with these incredible individuals.   

At this time we are in the midst of planning our 90th Anniversary Celebration – a year-long series of events which will culminate with a major fundraiser on October 19, 2017. Over the past 90 years we have developed strong roots in the Baltimore community and have found its citizens to be very supportive of The League’s mission to make sure people have the access to healthcare that they need, are able to earn income to support themselves and are able to live free from prejudice and inequality. As we commemorate our 90th year of service, we hope that you will want to be a part of the celebration, as we deepen our work to advance the rights and resources for people with disabilities, in Maryland and beyond.




David A. Greenberg

President & CEO



The Emmert Hobbs Foundation


With the generous support from the Emmert Hobbs Foundation economic barriers for individuals living with aphasia who otherwise could not afford to partake in SCALE’s life-changing therapeutic programs have been eased. Most insurance companies and Medicare do not cover aphasia treatment and other long-term speech-language pathology services, leaving SCALE unable to accept insurance reimbursements or submit claims to insurance companies. Therefore, the SCALE Scholarship Fund was created to provide tuition fees, in-full or in-part, to individuals who wish to participate in SCALE programs.

The Emmert Hobbs Foundation’s 30 year long history of support of pioneering heart-health initiatives throughout Baltimore, including the Hobbs Fitness Center at The League, has effectively moved the needle toward successful heart-health outcomes for thousands of Marylanders with and without disabilities. In 2016, The Emmert Hobbs Foundation made a $50,000 grant to the SCALE Scholarship Fund, giving low income individuals the opportunity to access the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) – the most successful therapeutic approach to aphasia, as well as provide cutting edge aphasia technology, software and other assistive communicative devices. The grant helps to provide the life empowering experience of an innovative community treatment center designed specifically for people with aphasia.

The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) is a specialty program which was founded in July 2008 and merged with The League for People with Disabilities in November of 2014. Aphasia occurs from damage to the language centers of the brain and results in an individual losing their ability to speak, read, write and/or understand language while leaving one’s intellectual capacities and memory fully intact. The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) is the Baltimore metropolitan area’s only dedicated aphasia support and community center that utilizes the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA), a treatment model based on the latest research, which helps individuals to re-engage in life and achieve their goals. We are enormously grateful to Louis and Phyllis Friedman and the Emmert Hobbs Foundation for their continued support and incredible generosity.


Israel and Mollie Myers Foundation Grant


With the generous ongoing support of The Israel and Mollie Myers Foundation, The League for People with Disabilities was able to continue to extend financial aid to children and adults with disabilities to attend summer camp. The grant helped convey our philosophy that no one should be denied the opportunity to experience camp because of their limited financial resources. The Fund for Camp Greentop has allowed The League to award more 150 camperships to deserving individuals.


Now entering our 80th year, Camp Greentop is the oldest residential camp in America designed specifically for people with special needs and has provided tens of thousands of children and adults with disabilities with the life changing experiences of summer camp.


Offering variety of traditional camp activities that provide educational and recreational enrichment opportunities for those with disabilities, Camp Greentop helps our participants grow socially, emotionally, academically and physically while enjoying the healing qualities of the great outdoors.



Amerigroup Charitable Foundation & Baltimore County

Project FIT (Futures in Technology) is a program designed to help youth with disabilities to live a healthy independent life, prior to and following their high school graduation.  Project FIT gives them the tools needed to be successful by tackling many of today’s critical issues facing youth with disabilities. This includes childhood obesity, lack of job readiness skills and real life experiences. 

Project FIT, now in its 3rd year, has gone from a 9 week summer pilot program to a year round after school program for students with disabilities.  It gives them the opportunity to work with career counselors and personal trainers to better prepare them for life after high school. The career component focuses on the high growth STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) industries. Project FIT bridges the gap between instruction and application by helping participants secure paid internships, job placement and professional coaching. This training helps them transition into the workforce and become an integral part of the community. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Amerigroup Foundation this program is continuing to provide an excellent and innovative way for young adults with disabilities to make a successful transition into the workforce. Baltimore County Department of Planning is also providing funds for additional students to participate in Project FIT. 


The Children’s Fresh Air Society Fund



A grant from The Baltimore Community Foundation’s Childrenʹs Fresh Air Society Fund provides underprivileged children with disabilities from the Baltimore Metro area the benefits summer camp experience that is both recreational and educational. The grant provided funding for 5 full camperships for an entire week for those who would not otherwise be able to afford camp. 

Recent cuts in federal funding and changes to regulations guiding the use of the funds has disqualified many children based on their Medicaid Waiver. The Children’s Fresh Air Society Fund helps to offset these cuts.


Now entering our 80th year, Camp Greentop presents campers with a wide range of recreational programs including horseback riding, hiking, archery, canoeing, fishing and an adaptive sports program which includes softball, kickball, basketball, hockey, soccer and swimming in our heated accessible outdoor pool. Our adaptive sports programs help individuals develop independence, confidence, and fitness with an abundance of social, emotional and health benefits.


Camp Greentop offers a nature program which affords individuals the opportunity to learn about environmental science, ecology, wildlife and conservation; a performing arts program which helps individuals build confidence, self-esteem, self-presentation and teamwork skills; an arts and crafts program which supports creative thinking and problem solving skills while providing an environment for self-expression.

The Baltimore Community Foundation has been a long standing, consistent source of support for The League for People with Disabilities and our participants. We are extremely grateful for the support of the Children’s Fresh Air Society Fund and their recognition of the healing and restorative power of a summer camp experience.


Wheels for Change



League Industries, the social enterprise division of The League, was established in 1933 as a sheltered workshop for persons with disabilities. It has evolved into a copy/print/mail/courier provider that serves more than 80 businesses throughout Maryland.


With a generous grant from Wheels for Change we were able to purchase 2 minivans for League Industries to expand our courier service product line, enhance the training capacity of the program, serve more people with disabilities and increase League Industries’ overhead contribution to League operations. League Industries exists as part of the Workforce Development program at The League, which offers a comprehensive range of employment services to more than 170 individuals with disabilities.


Most League programs operate from fees for services from various State agencies. Oftentimes, these fees do not adequately cover operating costs, including capital infrastructure. League Industries is an affirmative for-profit business enterprise which employs people with disabilities and contributes its profits to the overall operations of The League to support program expansion, renovation and other costs not covered by fee reimbursements. 


We extend a debt of gratitude to Wheels for Change, part of Mile One Automotive, for their generous support of League Industries, and in turn, all of our programs and services.


The League for People with Disabilities is grateful for the many generous donors who supported our mission in fiscal year 2016. Your kindness and support has helped individuals with disabilities to thrive in countless ways.


1,144 donations

$787,085 dollars donated

$50,000 largest gift

Unrestricted        188,766

Camp                    115,662

SCALE                    280,395

Club 1111             50,908

Other                     151,354

Total                       787,085


A distinguished group of donors whose outstanding generosity demonstrates a commitment to the tradition of yesterday and the vision of tomorrow.

Honoring the generous giving of foundations, corporations, and organizations to The League for People with Disabilities.

Honoring the generous giving of individuals to The League for People with Disabilities.



Statements of Financial Position

                                                                        2016                            2015


Cash                                                              327,944                       156,617

Accounts Receivable                                  1,072,896                    1,080,124

Investments                                                 4,777,786                    4,871,753

Prepaids                                                        197,922                       160,373

Fixed Assets                                                  6,192,630                    6,511,358

Total Assets                                                  12,569,178                  12,780,225


Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Pay and Accured Exp                 475,257                        758,683

Deferred Revenue                                       498,583                        419,137

Notes Payable                                              1,421,622                    1,481,536

Total Liability                                                2,395,462                      2,659,356


Net  Assets                                                                                                                  

Unrestricted                                                 4,768,422                     4,460,201

Temp Restricted                                          1,505,631                     1,763,525

Permanent Restricted                                3,899,643                     3,897143

Total Net Assets                                          10,173,716                   10,120,869



Total Liability & Net Assets                    12,569,178                   12,780,225



Statement of Activities

                                                                    2016                           2015


Contribution & Grants                            787,085                       1,139,430

Program Services Fee                              8,527,139                   7,946,124

Investment Income                                  (72,672)                      70,122

Other                                                          243,428                      158,861


Total Revenue                                          9,484,980                   9,314,537



Program Expenses                                    8,007,965                   7,977,999

Management & General                           1,424,169                   1, 409,353


Total Expenses                                          9,432,134                   9,387,352


Increase/Decrease in Net Assets          52,846                       (72,815)



David A. Greenberg, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Margy Ryan, Vice President, Finance

Marsha Legg, Vice President, Workforce and Youth Development

Bill Morgan, Vice President, Recreation & Fitness

Rhonda Johnson, Administrator, Medical Day

Mary Blake, Director, Quality, Risk Mgt. and Compliance


Board Officers
Board Members

Carol Dodson

Mindy Geppi

Renee Gordon

Ryan Gruver

Michael Hettlemen

Janice Jackson

Richard Katz

Suzanne Levin-Lapides

Arthur Mehlman

Thomas Ellis - Chair

M. John Meyer -Vice Chair

Alan Spero -Treasurer

Arnie Wallenstein -Secretary

Therese (Terry) Rakosky

Sharri Rochlin

Phil Ruxton

Frank Settleman

Andrew Slutkin

Andrew Snyder

Phil Wetzler

Walt Williams

Judy Zerwitz

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