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Director of Autism & Behavior Support Services

410-323-0500 x340


The League provides a variety of behavior support services for children and adults with disabilities, to assist them in developing functional behaviors to allow for increased community integration, family stabilization, and overall independence.

Behavioral Assessment
Identifies behaviors of concern and possible functional alternatives through observation, interviews, and record reviews.

Behavior Plan Development
Written by a licensed professional, this plan will identify target behaviors and strategies to facilitate positive behavior change.
Behavioral Consultation
Ongoing support that includes analyzing  data, providing guidance to staff and caregivers and updating/revising the behavior plan as needed.

Brief Support ImplementationServices
When needed, a behavior technician will directly implement the plan for a specified period of time, modeling strategies for caregivers and/or staff.

Program Highlights

•    Highly skilled team of professional staff who

      develop behavior plans and protocols within

      the home, community, or program settings. 

•    The BSS team works under the leadership of

      Marla Culotta, BCBA, LBA, who has more than

      20 years of experience developing and 

      implementing behavior supports.

•    Specializing in behavior supports for children

      and adults with autism and other

      developmental disabilities,as well as

      individuals with dual diagnoses or

      co-ocurring disorders.

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