AphasiaAccess 2019 Leadership Summit

AphasiaAccess 2019 Leadership Summit

Hosted by SCALE @ The League


We hope you will join us, March 7-9, 2019, on the campus of Loyola University, Baltimore as we host the third AphasiaAccess  Leadership Summit. This national conference will gather professionals from across health care disciplines who are all working to help people with aphasia better navigate life. Attendees are the people who are charged with the important task of making environments more communication accessible, especially those running hospitals and community/university based programs for people with aphasia, as well as those creating innovative products and software, those teaching the next generation, and those working on research.


Through this year’s summit theme, “Bridging Service Gaps through Aphasia Care Collaborations” attendees are invited to explore the diverse programs, actions and resources used to support communication access for people who with aphasia and other barriers to communication. We look forward to lively discussions about aphasia programming, intervention, reimbursement, training, education, and research.


Additional information and registration is available at https://www.aphasiaaccess.org/

SCALE’s Aphasia Friendly Business Campaign

In January 2011, SCALE launched a campaign to educate local businesses about aphasia and advocate for the rights of people with aphasia to receive access to their products and services. Business owners were invited to participate in a FREE opportunity to increase their business by better serving people with aphasia. Businesses were offered the opportunity to receive training and resources designed to accommodate the communication needs of people with aphasia. 

HERB Festival

SCALE members participated in the annual Baltimore Herb Festival sponsored by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and City of Baltimore Recreation & Parks. Members of SCALE assembled and manned tables with information boards and educational materials about aphasia and about services offered by SCALE. Flower and vegetable plants grown from seed by members of the horticulture program were featured on the exhibit tables and available for purchase.

To help raise awareness, each planted pot held a picture marker asking, “Aphasia is NOT a plant... so what is it?" The clever wording aroused interest and drew people in for a closer look to engage in conversations and learn more about aphasia and SCALE.

Wetlands Project

Wetlands act as refuges for birds, blue crabs, striped bass, oysters, shad, otters, and other aquatic wildlife. Wetlands throughout the Chesapeake Bay region are being damaged or lost at an alarming rate as a result of coastal development, rising sea levels, and damage from non-native species.

SCALE partnered with the National Aquarium and other organizations throughout the Bay region to restore tidal wetlands through cleanups and grass plantings. 
On June 9, 2010 members of SCALE, under the direction of Pam Cauley, our Center’s therapeutic recreational specialist, went to Westport near Cherry Hill to plant marsh grass that had been planted, grown and cared for in our greenhouse by SCALE members.

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