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Manager, Behavior Support Services (BSS)

Position: Manager, Behavior Support Services (BSS)                   

Department: Agency Wide                                            

Reports to: VP, Developmental Disabilities Services                                            

Exempt/Non Exempt: Exempt


Summary: All BSS services should focus on positive behavior interventions and utilize a person-centered approach to address undesirable behaviors which will allow individuals with disabilities the ability to reach their highest level of independence. 


The BSS Manager is responsible for the coordination, training, and supervision of all of The League’s Behavior Support Services. The BSS Manager will provide support to League direct care staff in the development of behavioral protocols and strategies to address maladaptive behaviors that may be a result of personal and environmental stressors impacting person’s ability to benefit from programming. 


The BSS Manager is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of individuals receiving services by identifying, reporting, and resolving incidents in a timely manner. An incident includes an allegation or an actual occurrence of an event that adversely and/or has the potential to negatively affect the health, safety, and welfare of a person.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordination & Supervision

  • Recruit referrals for Behavior Support Services, and continuously develop the program to maintain a high level of quality while experiencing strategic growth.

  • Complete the FBA and BIP process for participants identified as needing a behavioral assessment and plan.

  • Ensure that effective training is provided to the participant’s support team and their supervisors in the development of written behavioral plans, identification of and implementation of behavioral strategies. 

  • Ensure timely completion of evaluations of Behavior Support Staff.


Behavior Plan Implementation

  • Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and behavioral observations for participants identified as needing a behavior assessment and/or plan.

  • Work closely with Directors of Personal Supports, Autism Services and Meaningful Day throughout the development of formal Behavior Plans, providing assistance as needed.

  • Provide training to participants’ support team and their supervisors in the proper implementation of written behavior plans, including the identification of and implementation of behavioral strategies. 

  • Ensure that consistent and accurate behavioral data is collected by relevant staff; regularly review, graph, and maintain all behavioral data in an organized manner that can be easily accessed/presented upon request.

  • Oversee that effective communication of the behavior plan and training is provided to support team including person served, family members, direct staff, supervisor, and other key support persons.

  • Facilitate regular meetings with all persons involved in the behavior plan to assess progress in addressing behaviors and the impact on meeting individual goals, including the need for modification to or the discontinuation of plan.

  • Provide training, direct modeling/implementation, and education to direct care staff and management teams related to working with persons with disabilities.

  • Remain available for on-call/crisis situations.

  • Assist with participant/family intake process as necessary.


Training & Development

  • Acquire and maintain Mandt Trainer certification and provide training to staff on a regular basis.

  • Complete mandatory training in Principles of behavioral change; and

Appropriate methods of preventing or managing challenging behaviors, which may include the use of mechanical restraints.

  • Provide additional clinical and behavioral-based trainings to staff.

  • Develop and utilize data-based measures to monitor behavior program effectiveness and propose modifications. 

  • Attend trainings to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies and evidence based practices, incorporate into the program as appropriate.

  • Assure services meet DDA and other regulatory requirements for behavioral services.  

  • In conjunction with program Directors, monitor all in-house behavior plans

  • Network, communicate, and attend ongoing trainings and meetings with DDA and other relevant entities.

  • Ensure all required reports are filed with DDA and Service Coordinators within the required timeframes.

  • Implement and ensure compliance with all DDA and League policies


Non-Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor.

  • Assist in creating a progressive, safe and culturally competent workplace.

  • Fully participate as a member of the League Management Team.

  • Demonstrate the 5 Core Values of the League (Accountability, Participant Focus, Quality, Independence and Mutual Respect)

  • Operationalize the mission of The League for People with Disabilities by creating a supportive environment for participants and staff.


Qualification Requirements:

  • Knowledge and demonstrated skills in the theory of applied behavioral analysis, behavioral strategies/techniques, and evidence based practices.

  • Acquire and maintain RBT certification, working closely with Behavior Consultants to be sure that the behavior plans are implemented correctly.

  • A valid driver’s license with no more than 3 points.

  • Access to a reliable vehicle

  • The ability to work with diverse populations.

  • Effective problem solving abilities.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Exceptional organization and time management skills

  • Bachelors in a related field required; Masters Degree in a related field preferred.

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