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Samantha Routzahn, TRS

Administrative Coordinator

Camping & Recreation

The League | 1111 E Cold Spring Lane | Baltimore, MD 21239

Phone:  410.323.0500 x309

Fax:  866.306.7424


1. When does registration start?

  • Registration begins in November for Weekend Respites & Winter camp and January for all summer programs occurring in the following calendar year. Please keep in mind that registration paperwork AND a (non-refundable and non-transferable) deposit or letter of intent are required to hold your spot.  Camping & Recreation programs are first come, first serve.

2. What forms are needed, and when are they due?

  • Registration form:  Required, and due at registration.  You can opt to complete the paper registration form, or register online.

  • Skills Check Sheet:  Required annually, and due at registration.  You can opt to complete this online if you choose that route for registration.

  • Medical Form: Required.  A physical must be documented and on file from within the last year, with physician signature clearing the participant to attend camp.   Certain immunizations are also required.   Due at least two weeks prior to your scheduled program.

  • Medication Form:  Required.  Must be completed within one year of camp attendance.  This form must be kept current at all times and must list all prescription and over-the-counter medications the camper takes.  This form requires a physician signature in order for Camping & Recreation to administer the medications.  Due at least two weeks prior to your scheduled program.

  • G-Tube Form or Diabetes Form:  Required for those participants who utilize a G-tube or have Diabetes.  Both forms must be completed within one year of camp attendance, and must include a physician signature.  Due at least two weeks prior to your scheduled program.

  • All forms should be sent to the Camping & Recreation office at 1111 E Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore MD 21239

3. When is final payment due?

  • Final payment for your program is due by May 15th for all summer sessions (June-August), or one week prior to the scheduled year-round program (September- May).  

  • All payments should be sent to the Camping & Recreation office at 1111 E Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore MD 21239.

4. Do you take out of state campers?

  • We sure do!  A majority of our campers come from the Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania area, but we also get campers from across the country (and have even had a few from other countries)!

5. Can I see the camp before I register?

  • Camping & Recreation rents all camp facilities, and therefore it is difficult for us to arrange time for you to tour the facility prior to registering.  We do have an Open House scheduled each spring, which is a great time to check out the summer camp facility and meet some administrative staff.  We don’t recommend waiting to sign up, as we do fill quickly, but if you have strong hesitations about our program after seeing it first-hand, please talk to us! 

6. Where do I get the funding for camp?

  • Camping & Recreation accepts a variety of funding.  LISS and other DDA respite funds are often used to pay for camp services.  We are able to accept Autism Waiver respite hours for traditional camp programs.  Camping & Recreation is pleased to be able to award many camperships, with the help of various donors in the area, to help offset your cost.  Feel free to piece together any funding you may receive!  Please note that eligibility for any type of funding is based on individual requirements of the awarding entity. 

7. Are there additional fees?

  • For Youth and All-Ages camps and respite camping, all fees are included in the tuition of camp, and nothing additional is required.  The only exception would be if you would like to purchase any camp store items. 

  • Adult camp sessions do offer various day-trips, all of which are optional.  Should your camper decide to participate in these trips, they are at an additional fee. 

  • Travel programs do require additional money to be brought for food and for any souvenirs you may wish to purchase on your trip. 

8. Can I request my camper be bunked with a friend?

  • If you would like to bunk with a friend, please submit your request in writing to  The parent/guardian of the friend must also submit a request.  Requests are not guaranteed, but we will try our best to accommodate. 

1. Where do your staff come from?

  • Our staff come from all over the US, as well as the world.  We get many international staff, mainly from English-speaking countries, for our summer programs.  Year-Round programs typically have staff who attend local colleges and universities.   Many of our staff return for several years!

2. What support do your staff provide?

  • Camping & Recreation staff provide support as needed to each participant.  Staff are able to assist with ADL’s such as toileting, showering, feeding, dressing, etc.  Staff are also able to work with participants during program time to assist with adapting the activity to meet the participant’s ability level. 

3. What is your camper : counselor ratio?

  • For traditional camp programs, our ratio is 2:1.  We are able to offer 1:1 support for those campers who need that extra level of care.  We are also required to staff any Autism Waiver participant at the 1:1 ratio, per MSDE. 

  • For League Pioneer and Travel programs, our ratio is 3:1. 

4. What training do you provide your staff?

  • All staff are required to participate in an intensive, 10-day orientation prior to campers arriving at camp.  During this time, we review important topics such as policies and procedures, abuse and neglect, HIPAA, etc.  Staff are also trained in safe and best practices for caring for participants, including ADL’s and communicating with participants, as well as seizure protocol, blood borne pathogens, bowel tracking, etc.  All staff are trained and certified in CPR and basic first aid, and basic strategies of Behavioral Principles and Strategies.  In addition, leadership staff are trained in Medication Administration as well as DDA approved restraint techniques.


1. What are Health Services like?

  • Camping & Recreation employs a full-time RN who is available year-round to answer any medical questions you may have.  She lives on-site during all camping programs and oversees all Health Services.  During the summer months, we also employ a seasonal nurse, as well as a Health Center assistant to assist with medical responsibilities.  The RN does not attend travel programs, but does review orders and will delegate medication administration to Certified Medication Technicians for the course of the trip.  Roughly 95% of campers take routine medications, and it is the responsibility of our Health Center to administer these medications to each camper, as well as to provide education and oversee the medical care of all campers and staff. 

2. What medical needs can you accommodate?

  • Health Services in our programs are limited to procedures that can be safely delivered by the staff provided, and appropriate for the accommodations of camp.  Camping & Recreation is not able to accept campers who require intensive 24 hour medical care or who require medical procedures not easily managed in a camp environment.  Campers will not be admitted if he or she is suffering from an elevated temperature greater than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, any skin or respiratory infection, open bed sores, or any evidence of head lice. 

  • If a camper requires any specialized health care while at camp, please bring any necessary equipment.  This includes any nebulizers, CPAP machines, g-tube supplies, catheters, etc. 

  • Participants attending a travel camp program will be carefully evaluated to determine if their medical needs are able to be accommodated while on the trip. 

3. What do I do if my camper has last minute medication changes?

  • Medical and Medication forms must be submitted to Camping & Recreation at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program.  Should you have medication changes after these forms are submitted, you can either (a) have the physician complete a whole new form, which would then override the previously submitted form, or (b) the physician can simply submit a new order for the new medication (must include name of medication, dosage, time, and physician signature), or a discontinuation order as necessary.   We MUST have an order for the new medication in order to administer it at camp.  Please make necessary arrangements for this order to be submitted to us prior to arriving for your camp program. 

4. Can I prepackage the medications in a pill box to make it easier for the nurse?

  • No!  Maryland Board of Nursing regulations require that all medications must come to us in the original pharmacy packaging- either bottles or bubble packs- and must include a current pharmacy label.  The label MUST match the order we have received from the physician.  If medications are not in the original packaging and do not contain a matching pharmacy label, you will not be admitted to the program until this is corrected.

5. Do I need a doctor’s order for special lotions or over-the-counter medications?

  • Yes! Maryland Board of Nursing regulations require us to obtain a physician’s order for any and all medications that are to be administered or applied to the camper.  This includes not only routine medications, but also any special lotions or creams, over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl or Tylenol, and any medications that are taken on an as-needed basis. 

6. Why do you require all those forms?

  • Many of our forms are required as part of our American Camp Association accreditation or our MDH Youth Camp licensing.  However, these forms are also beneficial for our staff as we prepare for your camper’s arrival at camp.  These forms are how we learn of any special accommodations that must be made and allow our staff to prepare for and support your camper throughout the session.  We do our best to condense the information so as not to make it overwhelming for you, but this information is crucial so that we can provide appropriate care and support for your camper. 


1. How is the food?

  • Our food at camp is wonderful!  There is always a hot meal option, as well as cold cereal for breakfast and salad bar for lunch and dinner.  We work hard to keep a variety in our meals, while still keeping them healthy and “kid-friendly”. 

2. Can you accommodate special diets?

  • Yes!  Please provide us details of your special diet ahead of time so that we can prepare and work with you to ensure we are offering an appropriate menu for your camper.  Some diets we are able to accommodate quite easily; more strict diets may require that families provide supplemental foods for the camper’s stay. 

3. Do you sell snacks in your camp store?

  • Due to the variety of food allergies we see at camp, we do not sell snacks in our camp store.  Instead, we stock our store with items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, stuffed animals, cups/water bottles, etc. 

  • We do ensure fresh fruit is always available to campers and staff.  Camper families are welcome to provide other snacks as needed.


1. What activities do you provide?  Is there a choice?

  • Activities at Camp Greentop include swimming, arts & crafts, sports & games, nature, performing arts, and more!  Weekend Respite programs and Winter Camp do not offer swimming, but cooking activities are added in as a welcome replacement!  Youth and All-Ages camp sessions are structured schedules, with each cabin group rotating around to each activity every day.  Adult camp sessions do offer camper-choice for activities, and also offer off-site day trips as an activity option. 

2. What are the accommodations like?

  • Camp Greentop, which is the facility used for all summer programs, is a rustic camp facility, built in 1937.  All cabins are original structures, which offers a historical and unique camping experience.  The buildings are not heated or air conditioned, with the exception of the Health Center.  However, being in the National Park, it tends to cool down at night from the shade of the trees, but days can be quite warm on the field.  While there is electricity enough to charge wheelchairs and the like, the voltage will not accommodate things like hair dryers or fans.   Bathrooms are not attached to the cabins, but do offer flushable toilets and community showers.  Camp Greentop has tons of activity space, including a campfire circle, nature hut, arts & crafts hut, sports field, and large indoor recreation hall.  All areas of Camp Greentop are completely wheelchair accessible.  

  • Camp Round Meadow is a more modern, dorm-style camp facility.  There is plenty of indoor activity space, including a media room and a large indoor gymnasium.  Bathrooms are attached to the cabins, and all facilities are fully accessible, as well as heated and air conditioned. 

  • YMCA Camp Letts in Edgewater is used for our Winter Camp program.  Camp Letts is also a modern facility and offers heat/air conditioning and full accessibility.   This facility is spacious and offers a huge dining hall which doubles as activity space, as well as several other activity areas. 

3. Can I visit my camper while they are at camp?

  • Camping & Recreation does not allow visitation from camper families during the camp session.  This not only causes confusion and disruption for the camper being visited, but also for other campers in the session. 

4. What if my child becomes homesick?

  • We keep campers quite busy during the camp session in an effort to keep their focus on something other than missing home.  We will keep you informed if we see any unexpected behaviors, and work together on building various strategies to eliminate any homesickness that may occur. 

5. Can my child bring comfort items or electronics to camp with them?

  • Of course!  While expensive electronics are discouraged, we understand that many campers now utilize iPads or the like as a reinforcer or to occupy their free time.  If brought, we encourage these items to be kept in the cabin (unless used as a communication device) so as to limit the potential of being damaged.  Please note that while counselors will be diligent in caring for these items, Camping & Recreation cannot be held liable for any damages that may incur.  Feel free to bring other comfort items such as stuffed animals, blankets, books, etc., but again, we do encourage these items to be kept in the cabin and used during down time only. 

  • Cell phones are not permitted as they distract from the programs and discourage social engagement with staff and the other campers.

6. What should I expect during Check-In day?

  • Please plan at least an hour to make it through the check-in process.  There are several stations for you to stop at, including Health Center, Administration, and (for adult sessions only) trip sign-ups.  You’ll also have a chance to meet the counselors and pass along any helpful information you may want to share.  While we try our best to space out camper arrivals throughout the afternoon, there may occasionally be a wait at some of the stations.  To help alleviate the back-up, please be sure that all forms and updates have been submitted ahead of time, and that all medications are correct prior to arriving.  And, please be patient with us!  There is a lot of information we need to collect and review with you to ensure proper care for your camper!

7. Is there a blog or a way to check in on my camper?

  • Camp Greentop has an amazing blog which is updated every day throughout the summer with photos and information about the day’s activities.  You are encouraged to subscribe and check it out daily!  ( Please also like our Facebook page for updates on Camping & Recreation happenings throughout the year! (

  • You are welcome to call our camp office at 301.416.0801 to check in as often as you’d like.  Please understand that we are not able to have you speak directly with your camper, as we have limited phones at camp and do not want to interrupt their daily schedule.  A member of our leadership team who has the most interaction with your camper is happy to speak with you to give you an update, but please note that they may have to return your call at a more convenient time, as they are busy providing a quality camp program for your camper!

  • If you have a participant attending a Travel program, you will be provided an itinerary for the duration of the program, along with contact information for the lodging accommodations, as well as the trip leader’s cell phone number.

8. Can my camper call me every day so I know they are okay?

  • We do not have the capacity to have campers call home throughout the camp session.  You are welcome to call to check in on them as you feel the need, but we like to go by the idea that “no news is good news”.  On the other hand, if we are experiencing any unexpected issues with your camper (medically, behaviorally, or otherwise), we will absolutely call you to keep you in the loop or to gather suggestions.   Again, please note that cell phones are not permitted. 

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