Scale members sitting around a table looking at instructor


Who are our members?

• SCALE members present with all types of aphasia, with severity ranging from minimal word retrieval impairments to global aphasia

• Our current members range in age from 29 – 104 years and their strokes occurred between 1 month and 21 years ago

• Services are offered to individuals who present with aphasia regardless of age or when their stroke occurred

• Members must be able to engage in the activities of daily living independently or be accompanied by a caregiver

• Members must not be disoriented, confused, or have significant memory impairments

• Members may have concomitant disorders (apraxia, dysarthria, cognitive-linguistic deficits) that are not more prominent than the aphasia and do not prohibit the individual from actively participating and benefiting from center activities (i.e., dementia)

• Members must be able to sustain adequate alertness/attention to group activities for an hour and must not demonstrate behaviors that are disruptive or offensive to other members/staff (e.g., extreme emotional ability, wandering, violent outbursts)

• Transportation is provided through MTA Mobility for MA/ VA funded members. Self-pay members must provide their own transportation to/from the center during program hours

•Family members may meet together in small peer-led support groups and review center resources during program hours but do not attend classes with members.