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Project FIT Coordinator


The Project FIT Coordinator will be responsible for implementing an afterschool program for high school students with disabilities.  The Coordinator will assist students as they work on their personal fitness regiments, provide basic work readiness instruction and career exploration activities, secure and monitor community-based internships, and provide job placement and coaching services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Work collaboratively with VP to identify and recruit eligible students for Project FIT
• Conduct intakes and complete DORS referrals as appropriate
• Assist with the development of fitness and career exploration/readiness modules
• Provide an upbeat and enthusiastic environment for participants.
• Administer pre- and post- program knowledge assessments to each student.
• Assist with the coordination of initial Career Assessment and Fitness Assessment services for each student upon admission to Project FIT.
• Assist students in establishing personal goals for each week; ideally related to health/fitness, STEM career exploration, social and interpersonal skills, or academic success.
• Facilitate daily forum for students to discuss progress towards personal goals.
• Document weekly goal progress and/or attainment for each student.
• Administer satisfaction survey to each student at the end of the program.
• Secure individual community-based internships (EDS training sites) for each student.
• Effectively monitor each internship site, providing hands on training and guidance as needed.
• Provide job development, placement, and coaching services to assist each student in successfully obtaining and maintaining employment after high school graduation (if applicable).
• Closely monitor students during all program hours, providing adequate supervision and reinforcing positive behaviors.
• Ensure that gym equipment is utilized properly, and that students treat other Fitness Center members with respect and courtesy.
• Additional responsibilities as assigned by the VP, Workforce & Youth Development.
• Demonstrate the 5 Core Values of The League (Accountability, Participant Focus, Quality, Independence and Mutual Respect).

Qualification Requirements:

• Personal Vehicle required
• Must have a clean driving record with no more than 3 points

Educational and/or Experience:

• HS Diploma required, Bachelors’ Degree preferred.
• A minimum of 3 years’ experience working with individuals with disabilities; preference given to candidates with experience working specifically with transitioning youth.
• At least one year experience in vocational rehab or workforce development
• General familiarity with various types of gym equipment, and proper exercise protocol.

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